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Friday, June 21, 2002

More Poetry

The air is cranked up so high at work that I have to wear a jacket all the time and then I go outside to well over 100 degrees and I wonder why I get sick! At least I didn't cough as much riding my bike to work today.

I stayed after for a poetry reading only I had to figure out what to do for two hours. It's not worth riding half an hour home and half an hour back when I could just sit some place, eat and read. The problem is I don't want a lot to eat and I don't want to pay a lot so this time I tried the new student union. It's great. The other place didn't have a good place but this one has a nice food court. I bought a sandwich but I could just as well have brought a sandwich. It wasn't crowded at all but it was Friday night during the summer so I'll wait and see how bad it gets in the fall.

The poetry reading was by Rebecca Davidson, the summer intern at the Poetry Center. She said we were lucky to actually have a Poetry Center and I guess she's right though this is the first time I've been to one of their readings. Lately I just want to listen to poetry. The reading was at Antigones, our women's bookstore. I like Antigones and wander through when I'm on 4th Avenue. Rebecca has a very crisp, clear delivery and poetry that's enjoyable to listen to. There were about a dozen people there which, I suppose, is pretty good for Friday evening in the summer. There were quite a few people on the street when I left but they were heading for the clubs and restaurants.

When I headed home the sun had just gone below the horizon, which is my favorite time of day in the desert.

Sunset on a bike -

Pale blue steel sky falling into molten gold.
Eyes soothed with glare gone.
Light is drawn to the west
Dark flows in.

Tires whistle in the darkening.
Cooling air rushes by
People stand outside in bunches
I fly through the softness of the dark.

Rachel Aschmann 2002.
Contents may not be reproduced without permission.