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Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Coming to life

After being sick for so long, and I'm still coughing, and spending most of the weekend and up to this evening trying to get my computer to work, I finally feel like I'm getting it together and ready to go on with my life. It's so frustrating when you get nothing done but the day is gone.

I rode my bike to work today and even though it was still over 100 coming back I felt pretty good, except that I kept coughing. Right now exertion causes me to cough and riding my bike had me coughing all the way to work and back again. It's like my lungs can't handle the extra air going in and out. I even cough if I laugh but that's much better. Last week I couldn't even handle a little snicker or giggle.

I stopped by the store on the way home and wondered why all the kids were grocery shopping. During the school year there are quite a few students at this store since it's close to the university but this is the end of June. They were all wandering along looking down aisles and I had to look sharp to keep from getting run over.

Everyone is so upset that American Airlines is going to charge people who can't fit in one seat for a second seat. Why? I have personally been crunched against the wall and had to cling to the edge because I had to sit with someone who took up a seat and a half. They certainly made no accomodation for me but just sat there taking up my room. I don't appreciate them taking half my seat and not paying for it.

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