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Saturday, June 15, 2002

Out in the open

I read an article this morning about how Americans are full of fear and malaise because of 9/11, Enron, the FBI/CIA fiascos and the Catholic Church pedophile coverup. The article went on about how people are so upset because their nice world is getting upset. Get a grip! There has always been terrorism, even in the US. Look at the first WTC bombing several years ago and the OKC bombing plus US troops have been getting bombed and killed on a regular basis for years, and we've been lucky. Many countries such as Israel and Britain have had much more trouble with terrorism and are dealing with it.

All this is good, not bad. Not good that these crimes have happened but good that they are out in the open. These are ongoing problems yet too many Americans live in a bubble of denial and only hear what they want to hear and are all too willing to totally believe whatever the authorities tell them. These are the people that allow authoritarian regimes to survive because they want to be told what to believe and get upset when expected to think for themselves and decide between conficting stories.

Unthinking belief is wrong whether it is belief in a political system, a religious system or a philosophical system. My wishful and false thinking is to believe that people will see all the stuff coming out and start thinking for themselves but most won't. They'll just find a system to believe in that incorporates all of this and usually it's the old systems that change to explain away the new facts but not to change the systems. So sad!

I bit the bullet today and bought all the stuff to get internet on cable. I spent half the afternoon and into the evening installing it, which involved opening up my computer, which is always scary. I installed the software and it didn't work, so I called Cox and found out that they had to come out and take out a filter, whatever that is, before it would work. I guess the filter is to keep people from stealing the internet service when they already have cable. This stuff is slow when you aren't sure what is involved and in trying to get it to work I must have rebooted four or five times. Now I have to wait till Monday afternoon to find out if I installed everything right.

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