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Wednesday, June 12, 2002


I am so sick. My throat hurts and I feel lightheaded but the worst is a chest cough that hurts so bad. It feels like it's ripping out the lining of my lungs. I tried watching the news but that was much too heavy so I'm watching all the crafty shows on HGTV. Such interesting things that I'll never do but that makes it good to watch as I can just enjoy what they do without feeling like I should do them, since I know I never will.

I watched a program on the CIA where they were investigating a spy. The clincher was a hollow screwdriver and it caught their eye because it was in the drawer of a bedside table instead of the car or garage. If they ever investigate me I'm in deep shit because I have my screwdrivers, all my tools in fact, in a shoe bag hanging on the door that leads to the bathroom and closet. It's great. It's clear plastic and I can see where everything is.

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