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Sunday, June 9, 2002

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Good and bad day

I picked up some nice produce at the farmer's market this morning. Yellow tomatoes, some different summer squash that tastes so good. I was told the name but I forget. I'll have to go back next week and get some more. The meat lady was there so I picked up some pasture raised chiken. I'm cooking that now so I'll see how it is. I read somewhere recently that there is no such thing as free range chickens as they would get eaten by predators but they can be raised in a large screened cage that's moved every few days so they can eat the grass and bugs and such. It was busy this morning so I didn't have a chance to ask.

After coming home and recovering from the heat I decided to ride up to Home Depot. Well, I'm riding along the Rillito and my back tire went flat as a pancake and I just checked it this morning, too. I walked it back a mile to the transit center where I locked it up while I picked up a few things I needed. That was a hot walk.

When I was ready to go home I looked at the schedules and realized I had 45 minutes to wait. I decided to walk over to the closest gas station and see if I could air up the tire. That was over half a mile and also a hot walk. I aired the tire up and tried to be careful but there was a loud pop and I had a blowout. I decided to just wait for the next bus and then I realized that I had not brought my bus pass because I wasn't planning on taking the bus. Bummer! The bike was hard to push by then because the innertube was flopping in and out of the tire and catching on the brakes. I was filthy and hot and pissed and tired and glad to finally get home even though I had the pay for the bus. Now I have to buy another innertube.

I just stayed home the rest of the day and did some housework. I called my father and found out that one of his brothers had just died. That leaves only two of them out of five brothers and sisters, and the other brother just had a prostate operation. My father is having a problem with diarrhea (it's a family thing) that he says is really tiring him out and the doctors can't find anything wrong. I can't believe the doctors don't find out because diarrhea can be very dangerous especially for children and the elderly because it dehydrates them and removes valuable nutrients. He's going to go to a new doctor so I hope they can do something. He wants to do some travelling, especially to see his remaining brother, but is afraid to right now. My son is visiting in a few days and a brother in a couple weeks so he's looking forward to that.

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