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Saturday, June 8, 2002

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Transportation Petitions

This has been a busy, busy week. At work I've been trying to catch up and get ready for a couple major meetings next week. I'm also suppose to be training K on 1099s but I'm afraid I haven't done as much as I should have. Yesterday was one of those days when everything goes wrong so I was glad to see 5:00.

We had a TABRU meeting today and it was good to see that there are more committed people at the meetings. We're still rather small but have a good core of people now. We got a letter from APTA, the people who had given us the last grant, saying that we were welcome to apply for another grant. That's cool since I was afraid that they would never want to give us any money after the way Cathy ripped us off. They never did answer my question about how much money Cathy actually turned in.

The city's plan was soundly defeated and now we need to get a good transportation plan on the ballot so we all have petitions to get signed. I am really not looking forward to this. I'm ok if I'm doing it with someone else but by myself it's very difficult for me. I just dread it.

After the meeting several of us had lunch at Cafe Quebec. I had a nice quesadilla but an hour later, at home I had major diarrhea. I've been staying away from milk products but this morning I had a some cottage cheese and had some diarrhea also. Bummer! I really like milk and cheese so I hope I can eat some of it. Cream cheese I hope! Butter doesn't seem to bother me. I'm trying to eat mainly vegetarian only instead of soy or lots of grains and beans, I eat meat for protein since I feel so much better.

It's so hot already. I took the bus to the meeting but rode my bike to the supermarket. I get so hot and my face turns a bright red. I know people think I'm about to have a stroke.

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