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Sunday, June 2, 2002

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Home again

I got into Tucson at 4:00 this morning with little sleep. I was so tired yesterday but just could not get to sleep on the bus. A half hour cleaning stop at Phoenix at 2:00 when we had to all get off the bus. Either I am going to have to start sleeping on the bus again or I'm going to have to quit traveling at night.

At Tucson I wandered out and there were no taxis. There was a taxi way out on the street but no one was near it. I looked around a bit dazed as I'm used to people begging me to take their taxi. One guy standing outside ran in and got the driver who had his boy, late gradeschool (?), with him. A little late to be up but I guess it's better than leaving him at home alone or whatever.

I got home and just fell into bed and woke up at 8:00. I could have slept later but knew that I needed to get up so I would go to sleep tonight. It was nice to just wander arount in my nightie and not worry about who was around. I did some laundry, bought some groceries and started to get back to normal and ready for work tomorrow. Dark Cloud was glad to see me even though I left her for a week.

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