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Thursday, May 30, 2002

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Huntington Beach Volkswalk

I took down my clothes from the line early this morning, about 8:00, and they were still damp from the dew overnight. It is so difficult when you are used to a dryer. My pants were a bit dampish even after wearing them for a while.

Lauri and I went on the Huntington Beach volkswalk today. It starts at an Albertson which gave us a chance to pickup some coffee and bananas to jump start us. We walked along a tree lined street then jogged into a very nice residential area. All the gardeners were there spiffing the gardens up. You know when you see that many gardens and glorious plantings that the houses are way beyond what we can afford.

We crossed the Pacific Coast Highway and walked along the beach. There were quite a few surfers out in the water looking like sea birds in their dark wetsuits. The waves weren't very big but they were working with what they had. The sunbathers were also out though there was still a heavy haze so I expect it was more to show off their bathing suits and contents than to get a tan.

We walked to the end of the pier and watched the fishermen while waiting for a table at Ruby's Diner. Good food! Delicious hamburgers and onion rings! Thoroughly stuffed we continued down the beach for a while they headed back through downtown enjoying the interesting stores and restaurants. The haze was clearing and it was nicely warm with just enough of a cool breeze to keep us comfortable.

We wound through another residential area and checked out all the gardens for ideas for Mike and Lauri's place. There were some beautiful gardens and beautiful houses. They were all very well taken care of and the flowers were in full color. Finally we were back at Albertsons with a very enjoyable walk to look back on.

I spent the evening running errands with Mike. He's just like his father (all guys?) and gets a little misty eyed when looking at all the tools in Home Depot.

Back home to watch part of the Harry Potter movie. I only watched part as I was tired and had just read the book so it was a bit deja vu as the movie seems to closely follow the book, which is nice, though it leaves a lot out, which you have to if you want the movie to come in under 10 hours, but it would be harder to follow if you hadn't read the book already.

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