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Monday, May 27, 2002

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Memorial Day at the Faire

We went on the faire site last night to see Sons of Anacreon. Only workers and their guests, who have to pay, can go on and most of the lights were off so it was like walking through a real medieval town, but cleaner. The SoA are a "victorian" music hall group that are very big on insulting every ethnic group and going through the whole gamut of fart jokes while wearing very tacky plaid pants and vests. I laughed constantly. We also got to sing along, which was fun.

I didn't sleep well last night as the train comes close to the campgrounds and the trains came all night long. I finally got some sleep but not enough so I needed coffee bad but had to wait till the faire opened at 10:00. I managed to get lost immediately but did find some coffee which was the important thing. I was wearing jeans but quite a few people, not just the workers, wore costumes of every kind. Mike and Lauri and the other people we camped with were working the faire so they were done up nicely.

Mike had a bit part in the Danse Macabre and they were good. They appeared at the field of death where both armies killed each other to the last man. This was a bit depressing and a reminder of what the middle ages were really like, but at least the combatants got up and walked off in this case. I went behind the scenes with them and saw the usual tackiness of behind the scenes. I always like behind the scenes as it puts a bit of reality into the make believe.

I looked through the booths with leather looking for a leather case for my new camera. I found possibilities but I never got the size and the design matched. I want something with oak leaves on it but celtic stuff seemed to be the big sellers. It was good to go to the booth Lauri worked at and rest my feet as they were very tired by this time. I had taken so many pictures I had to change the battery in my camera. I hope they come out ok. The Renaissance Faire was fun though it's not something I would want to do every weekend for a couple months, like Lauri is. The noise and dust bother me after a while.

Finally Mike and I drove to their new house which is a couple hours away. It has lovely wood floors in much of it and there is an addition that was built on rather strangely, which means stairs in the middle of the living room joining the two sections but they ended up with a huge living room with a fireplace at the end. The back yard is small but big enough for them as they are so busy they won't have time to do much yard work. There are berry bushes and rose bushes already and a nice rubber tree, though Mike says they're bad for the foundation so it may have to come out. Bummer! Right now it needs mowing but Mike needs to fix the mower which Lauri picked up at a garage sale for $10.00. He has out all the tools he's had stored for two years and turning into a fix-it-up homemaker. All in all, I like the house.

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