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Sunday, May 19, 2002

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Friday afternoon I started wanting to cry at everything and came home and did so. I was so sad. Yesterday when I got out of class I fell while walking to the bus stop. There wasn't anything that I could see to trip over but I fell and really skinned my knee and bruised the palms of my hands. I knew I was going to fall and couldn't do anything to stop it. Weird feeling! Today I dropped a plate and it landed on it's edge right on my instep. It is staying very painful much longer than the skinned knee. I've had better days.

The sadness of Friday wasn't helped by the fact that I feel totally incompetent much of the time to be analyzing major projects, which I'm doing. It is very hard for me. I know I'm as intelligent as the rest but I hate doing it because it's so subjective. I think we just need to get on with it and stop over analyzing everything but then I'll never be in management either.

I enjoyed my active server page class yesterday. This was the first of four six hour day classes and we covered a lot of territory. I've now set up a web server on my computer at home and it's so cool. It's too bad that I haven't found a freebie site that supports asp. I may have to finally break down and pay for it. Ouch! But I can play with it now and use it at work.

Besides the pain in my foot, I really feel pretty good. I've been taking my time doing things today and enjoying myself. I almost had a major booboo. I was looking at purses and putting stuff in and out of them because you just can't know how a purse feels without things in it. When I was done I walked off then thought I'd better make sure I had everything and I didn't have my palm. I spent about ten minutes trying to remember all the purses I'd put stuff in but I did find it. I was almost in a panic.

I finished reading "The Bishop and the Beggar Girl of St Germain" by Andrew M Greeley. It's set in France where Bishop Blackie Ryan has been sent to find a priest who has gone missing in a very mysterious manner. With the help of a beggar/musician that he managed to pickup outside a church he sorts through french attitudes and ways of thinking to get at the solution as "miracles" start piling up where the priest disappeared. I liked the solution and did not suspect it.

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