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Thursday, May 16, 2002

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Ground Hog Dayze

I'm tired. My brain is tired. I participated in Ground Hog Dayze at work. This is where a couple people visit about six other employees and spend an hour with each while learning what they do and how they do it. I've participated as a mentor but today I was the trainee and it's hard work listening to all the new things. I was worn out but enjoyed it very much. I learned so much stuff and was amazed at all the stuff that goes on. I learned about payroll procedures, including how about 18,000 payroll checks or advices are distributed. I sat with a couple other payroll people and a couple travel employees and learned how to scan invoices, which I didn't really know even though that is in my area. I have no idea why it's called Ground Hog Dayze.

I'm still recovering from the evening class I took all last week and a couple days this week, and this weekend and the next I'm in a class all day on Saturdays so I'm going to be learned out. I'll be ready for vacation by then. I feel way behind on home stuff and haven't even had much time to play with my new camera. I think it's harder having class in the evenings than on Saturday (well, we'll see) since I don't get a break from getting up in the morning and going to bed. All this learning all at once!

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