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Sunday, May 12, 2002

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Mother's Day

I rode my bike this morning and did some grocery shopping, then I spent the day doing some cooking and reading, laundry and minimal housekeeping. I started a headache last night and I think it's because I started eating too many carbs last week. I've been trying to not eat grains or beans but I lapsed and yesterday it caught up. It's almost like a hangover headache with the upset stomach. I went to bed early last night and am better today but I still have the headache. I didn't feel like doing much though so I stayed home.

Both my kids called so it was a good Mother's Day. They are such good kids. I still miss my mother and wish I could call her but it was nice being near her for the several years before she went deep into altzheimers. If I had known I would have been more attentive but we never think our parents will get old until they are. It's always such a surprise.

I read "The Demon Archer" by P C Doherty. It's set in 1303 when Lord Henry Fitzalan, hated by all, is killed. As he is about the go to France as an envoy regarding the marriage treaty joining King Edward's son to King Philips daughter. Hugh Corbett, clerk of the court, is sent to find out the truth. It was interesting to read about the intrigue and the alliances of that time. I enjoyed it.

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