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Saturday, May 11, 2002

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Taking pictures

It seems like it's been a long week. I've been getting to work early to catch up and because we have a person in our area off sick. Then I worked a bit later since my class doesn't start till 6:00 and it's not like I can run home for an hour, by bus. Then I stayed till nearly 9:00 in class and ride my bike home. I felt a bit stretched by last night and slept till after seven this morning which is unusual for me.

I am really enjoying the programming class. It's like figuring out a puzzle and I'm doing pretty good but our programs are very simple. My problem is that I need to think it out ahead and write the pseudo code but I don't like that part as well. I want to jump right in and start writing the program but then I forget to do things, or do them in less elegant or efficient ways. The time in class just flies, though. Love it.

I got my Mother's Day present in the mail yesterday, a really cool digital digital camera. It's about the size of a deck of cards, slightly thicker but not quite as long or wide, a little smaller than a pack of cigarettes. I didn't get to bed till after eleven last night because of playing with it which is probably one reason I slept late. Even though tiny it's way above my old camera with twice the megapixels, a zoom, auto focus and it makes videos. I played with it today while running around town doing errands.

I caught the end of the Lawrence Welk show this evening while whipping channels. I'm not crazy about LW but my mother loved it. They used to play it at the nursing home and even when their altzheimers was well advanced they still perked up and smiled. I was thinking that LW and the Frank Sinatra/Dean Martin group all made us think that it was cool and sexy and in to dress elegantly and move slowly and elegantly. I think that even though we don't really believe this and know that life is messy and hurried and not that elegant, we still wonder if maybe we could have had a life like that.

This afternoon I read "Rattle His Bones" by Carola Dunn. This mystery is set in 1923 with the aristocratic (but determined to be a working girl) Daisy Dalrymple visiting the Natural History Museum in London to gather information for a article she's writing. Amid the dinosaurs and fossils she find rivalries and hatreds and almost witnesses a murder. With her fiancee, Detective Chief Inspector Alec Fletcher assigned the case she learns more than she needed about museums and curators. It's a good book and I enjoyed it.

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