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Monday, May 6, 2002

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Programming class

It wasn't as bad as I expected when I went back to work, at least my desk wasn't overflowing. The problem is that a lot of what I do isn't in paper but online so I still spent all day trying to catch up just a little. I don't really want to say I was glad to be back at work but after a vacation it's comfortable to get back to a routine. Then I can digest what I've done during vacation. I'm always so busy doing while on vacation that I don't always get to think about it much.

At choir we went over some songs we know fairly well which is so much fun. Learning new ones is another kind of fun but more difficult. It's great to be able to sing without thinking about every note. This is our last week till June as everyone is busy with the end of the semester and getting ready for whatever they are doing in the summer. Attendance was already a bit down.

I started a class in Beginning Computer Programming tonight. I think it's going to be fun. I was a bit worried since it's from 6 till 9 in the evening which doesn't leave much time for homework but the teacher stressed that he did not want us trying to program on our own. He wants to be there so we can ask questions right then. I like that. What with working and riding my bike home after class it's pretty close to bedtime when I get home.

It was enjoyable riding home. The traffic is light and the temperatures are wonderful. A warm, caressing sort of feel as I ride through the dark. Well, not that dark. I usually try to stay on streets with lights just so I can be seen and see better. Most of the streets in Tucson are pretty dark since they try to keep the lights down due to the observatories near Tucson. It's already too light for a lot of observatory work.

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