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Friday, May 3, 2002

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Lisa ran me around this morning to do some errands. It's so nice to have a car for shopping but not nice enough for me to buy one. In the afternoon she visited people at the university and then spent the evening with friend she had worked with. I'm glad she keeps in touch with friends here as it gives her an added reason to visit me and I enjoy her visiting.

I voted this afternoon. The city has voting booths in the city hall and you can vote early. I, of course, did not vote like the city wants me to but that's tough. I like options in voting. Sometimes it's a real pain to vote before work or rush there after work. I've voted by mail before but this is even easier, except that you have to be able to get down there during the week. One town (either Oro Valley or Marana) is trying to have the elections only by mail. I can see problems with that but I think it would make a much easier.

I read again this evening. The first book was "The Right Hand of Amon" by Lauren Haney. This is set in Egypt in 1463 BC along the upper stretch of the Nile which was rather desolate except for the towns which existed for the military stationed there and the traders that continually passed. A powerful tribal king is bringing his very ill son south and the golden god Amon is going north on the Nile to meet them and hopefully cure the son. Lieutenant Bak is trying to make sure there are no problems which this meeting while trying to solve a murder that may affect the diplomatic mission. Very interesting. I love historical mysteries. Ok, I love most historical mysteries. Some are boring or poorly written but most I've read are great.

That goes for the second book I read. I enjoyed "Jester Leaps In" last night that I picked up another book in the series "A Death in the Venetian Quarter" by Alan Gorden. This is also excellent. It continues the previous book with Feste and Aglaia trying to solve a murder in the venetian quarter while Constantinople is being besieged by the Fourth Crusade which decides to kill a few christians (not that this is all that new to crusades) rather than jews and muslims, which is their stated goal. The plotting in the palace, the intruige in the city and the idiocy of the crusaders keep Feste and Aglaia fooling like crazy to stay alive. Loved it.

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