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Saturday, April 27, 2002

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Getting ready

It's been an exciting day. I ran errands getting ready to go camping with Lisa. There are so many little things to get done. It's hard figuring out what to take to eat since I'm not eating potatoes or grain which leaves out all the easy stuff, like ramen noodles and all that. I settled on lots of fruit and some hamburger and chicken which I had frozen and hoped would keep in the cooler for a few days. I always just took stuff that only needed to have water added so this is a challenge. To compound the issue, when Lisa got here she told me that she is trying to eat as vegetarian as possible. Hmm!

I also got out my tent and set it up to make sure I had all the stakes and such. It's so long between my camping trips that I need to double check. I suppose even if I camped every weekend I would need to check but at least I would remember, I hope. It's so fun to set up my tent, though cat is not happy.

Actually cat was sick this week and threw up on everything on Thursday and didn't eat but was eating fine yesterday and today. Probably because he ate my new plant. It was a coleus and I don't think they're poisonous but it probably upset her stomach.

It's so good to see Lisa again. I so enjoy spending time with my children.

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