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Wednesday, April 24, 2002

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In my ongoing effort to figure out why I've felt so bad I cut out all grains, dairy products and sugar from my diet (well, I snuck a few jelly beans at work) for almost two weeks. I felt ok but didn't see that it was that much of an improvement so I had chips and refried beans for lunch yesterday and last night I went out and bought some milk and bread. This evening my tongue is already a little sore which has been a real problem for me for the last couple of years and my head is more congested. I think I'll go off the grains and dairy again and see if the soreness and congestion goes away.

I just have to eat more veggies and meat to make up for the high carb grains and it was becoming a real bother. I didn't eat that much more protein or fat especially since I eat too much butter when I have bread around and had already started eating more meat but I seemed to have to eat all the time without the dense calories you get with grains.

I've had my tongue get so sore that it was a bright red and smooth except for deep fissures in it. Once my doctor sent me to an ear nose and throat doctor and he said it was probably a virus and gave me some pills that worked so so. They didn't work well enough that I wanted to bother taking off work again to see the specialist so I just work with it. Sometimes I am sure that doctors are just experimenting with us.

I woke up so well this morning. It's nice to be sleeping again. That's another reason I'm getting off the grains and dairy so fast. I am so afraid of not being able to sleep again. That was such a horrible two years. It was also constant allergies and things like a sore tongue and fever blisters but the total exhaustion from not sleeping well was the worst. I felt so drained all the time. It was nice to wake up before the alarm and leave for work early. So nice to walk briskly to work even though I didn't need to. I don't want to lose that.

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