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Sunday, April 21, 2002

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Sunday chores

Sunday seem to be the day that I get my home chores done for the day. It is nice to not have to go anywhere but I waste most of the day since I feel like I have so much time. Today I went grocery shopping, cooked up a bunch of stuff, did some laundry and watched a lot of unnecessary tv.

Only one week to go and then it's vacation time with Lisa. I was going to make reservations for us at the Grand Canyon but it's still in the mid 30s there at night so I'm not sure we'll go that high. We are supposed to be in the 90s this week so I may need to make those reservations anyway. I checked the online reservations for Mather and out of 160+ campsites, only 44 are reserved for the nights we wanted so I think I can wait. I have never been there during the week in April or early May when it was filled up which is nice because it makes for a bit more flexibility.

There are some good human origins shows on tonight. I watched Neanderthals, well, most of it between Law and Order, and now I'm watching The Real Eve about the evidence from mitochondria that humans came out of africa. So fascinating. I love stuff like this because it makes all the superiority theories so full of garbage. Of course the myths show eden was in the middle east but then the 'holy' books that say this were written by people in the middle east. They just fit the origins story into the geography they knew.

One reason I am so sad about the whole mess in the middle east is that they are destroying irreplacable knowledge of the first large civilizations that we know about. They may have been wrong about where the human race started but they built some incredible cities and societies. Not that I would want to live in any of them since there is so much about them, such as slavery and brutality, that I abhor, but they were amazing and left some amazing artifacts that are being destroyed by a bunch of self centered religious idiots.

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