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Saturday, April 20, 2002

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Iron and Rose Hill

The Red Cross finally let me donate blood. My iron is at a very comfortable level which they say it hasn't been since last June. I really think it was because I had been trying to eat vegetarian as much as I could, which never lasted long, but I kept trying. I don't care what the vegetarians say I don't function as well without plenty of protein and I can't get enough from just vegetarian sources except soy but that doesn't always agree with me, and I don't think iron levels are as dependable unless you eat meat. Well, I'll see if this theory holds.

The choir sang at Bookmans this afternoon. It was at their newest store on Speedway which even has a stage and a little seating area for listeners. There weren't many people but they seemed to enjoy it and it was nicer than singing between shelves of books. This was our last performance this season. I think our best one was Friday at the staff awards ceremony. Either they really enjoyed us or we were such a relief after the interminable video. Making sure that everyone gets recognized does not excuse a long, very bad video.

I went to the eastside Walmart to look at their backpacks and had a shock. They had practically no backpacks except the ones with wheels. Come on people. I realize Walmart welcomes the overweight, which is why I buy clothes there, but giving kids no choice but the lazy one is terrible.

Due to our pathetic bus schedules on weekends, I started walking west on Speedway rather than wait for the next bus. I crossed the Rose Hill Wash so I got some pictures of it. I think it goes north to the Pantano Wash, but I'm not sure. I need to follow it one day. So many washes, so little time.

There was a peace march and speeches at Catalina Park this morning and I thought of going there as TABRU had a table to hand out leaflets on the transportation initiatives but I have a difficult time with peace marches. I don't like war but sometimes we have to just realize that there are a lot of not nice people out there and we have to protect ourselves. I certainly don't totally agree with everything we've done in our current war on terrorism but neither do I have any sympathy for muslim extremists, which seem to be the muslims that are running the middle east. If we had suicide bombers targeting our malls, like Israel has, we'd be doing a lot more than sending in tanks, believe me. I've had a problem with muslim extremists since they blew up the Israelis at the Olympic games way back in the 60s (?), and I don't see that they've improved any.

I also don't care for Israel's government since it is basically a theocracy and while other religions are tolerated they are certainly not allowed an equal voice in the government. I haven't yet met a theocracy that I like.

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