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Tuesday, April 16, 2002

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It was wall to wall meetings all morning and half the afternoon. I barely had time to grab something to eat at noon and felt so scattered. I don't mind meetings, in fact, I often enjoy them because I find out interesting stuff going on but too many in one day leave me unable to concentrate and I find myself doing a bit of this and a bit of that for the rest of the day and never really getting down to getting things done.

I'm still working at getting the pictures from my trip to NYC last spring up. I have just not done so much this year. I then have to get the pictures from my trip to Seattle last fall up and various pictures from wandering around Tucson. I enjoy working on them and remembering my trips but pressured about getting them done. I'm up to Baton Rouge but going slow.

I'm watching a show on Lifetime about sociopaths. The FBI guy says that one mark of a sociopath does not follow the rules that society has set. Hmm. There's rules I don't follow. Not rules that would get me sent to prison if broken but still they are rules that many people think I should follow. I think everyone does. I would rather that that statement was modified to say that sociopaths break rules because they don't care if what they do hurts other people. They think they have the right to hurt people.

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