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Monday, April 15, 2002

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Employee Recognition week started today with a very nice breakfast at Manning House, which is a lovely historic home downtown. They had taken pictures of all of us and showed them on a screen while we were eating. I looked like a deer caught in headlights. We all stood up by how long we've been there so I was in the second group, 5-9 years. One lady had 39 years. Actually she retired and then came back. I think I can find better things to do with my retirement than come back to work. I have to say that FSO does employee recognition nicer than anywhere else I've worked.

At noon the Faculty Staff Choir sang on the mall. Between the construction behind us and the wind we weren't well heard but it was nice to just sing out and not really worry too much about how we sounded.

This is very musical week. On Saturday we sang at the Tucson Country Club which is in the middle of a very nice group of homes. They were beautiful and the landscaping was so nice. The houses are big but ranch style, with lots of landscaping, so you don't really notice how big until details like four car garages catch your attention. We sang for the U of A alumni group and were well received though we were a bit shaky. We sing later this week at the U and on saturday at a bookstore.

The calls were coming in today since it is April 15th. Do these people never even look till the last day? I can't imagine. Even when I had to pay I always at least figured it up and made sure I had everything, I just didn't mail it till the last day.

I picked up some grass fed ground beef at the farmer's market on sunday. I've heard that it is so much better tasting and, of course, they don't feed them by products so the chance of mad cow and all the rest is much less, but the price is higher so I've held off till now. It was on sale, which meant it cost about the same as really good ground beef in the store. I'm still working on some hamburger I already had so I haven't tried it yet.

I also bought some Kona coffee, on sale, some tomatoes and beets and lavender salad dressing. I have some on a salad I'm eating now and it's good. There isn't a lavender smell to it but it's a nice mellow vinagrette. I don't care for the ones that are too sharp or sour. What I love to do is chop up a very juicy orange and dump it in the salad and use just that as the salad dressing. That is so good, but you need a very juicy orange.

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