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Friday, April 12, 2002

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I'm watching "The Secret World of Air Freight" on the discovery channel. This is really cool. It is amazing how so much stuff is routed into the fedex headquarters in Dallas and rerouted out again. Absolutely amazing. I wonder who had the idea to do it that way rather than schlepping stuff around the us like US mail is done? I enjoy shows like this. Now it's moving on to airfreight in asia and shipping drilling equipment and horses.

Yes horses. There are even planes that have custom interiors to move horses around the world. Cool! They load them in special containers. It looks like two horses to a container and then they load them on the plane. Some of the horse are even several months pregnant.

I realized when I was leaving work that one of the joys of living by myself is that I don't have to go home right away. When my kids were growing up I always felt like I had to go home and often I did but even when I knew the kids would be alright I still felt like I should go home just in case. I suppose people who are married or living with someone also feel somewhat the same, not for safety purposes but since so much is done together. I was walking to a different bus to run an errand and realized how nice it was to just decide to go without having to let anyone know. Of course, that can be lonely also, but tonight it was nice.

Now they're loading race cars. I am always awed at home much stuff moves around the world on a daily basis. The interstates are miles of semis, there is more airfreight than we realize and every day hundred of ships move across the oceans. This is a far cry from laden camels moving over the silk road. We have no clue as to what it takes to fill our supermarkets and malls.

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