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Thursday, April 11, 2002

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Another doctor

I went to one more doctor today. This one was a urologist since I'm told I have traces of blood in my urine. I thought everything had been sent to the urologist but I got a message last night, when I remembered to turn my phone on, that they needed me to bring the film from the x-rays. I never had to do that before. I thought they were just sent to the doctor. I called this morning and it was true. I called the x-ray place and they said they would have them ready. I was really pissed because I was on my bike and this meant taking off work an hour earlier and picking up the x-rays. This meant I was going to miss most of a shower we were giving for a co-worker who is going on a cruise and getting married on a beach in the caribbean. How nice!

I was a nice bike ride except I kept feeling like I had to hurry. I was actually ok even though I tried to not ride too hard, especially from the x-ray office to the urologist's office since I didn't want to be hot and sweaty. It was getting warm and I wish I had worn shorts but then I get cold at work. The palo verdes were blooming and were clouds of gold. They are so beautiful.

Well, I have a lovely bladder and I even got to look at the inside of it on a monitor. Just what an internal organ should look like. So, it seems they even have a name for what I have, though I forget what the doctor said it was. He said that what they do, since they can't find anything wrong, is to have me come back in a year to see if they missed anything (that's a cheery thought) and then every five years. He admitted that the one year appointment was really to protect them. I feel fine, except for a few minor side effects of the procedure, so I never could understand the problem since no blood is visible in my urine, but the doctors have to be sure.

This is now the first time since last November that I haven't had a doctor's appointment. It's rather nice. I am feeling better but it's not because of the doctors but because I quit taking all the allergy medicine and the sleeping pills. I'm also eating better. I'm trying a low carb diet and I'm losing some weight. I'm not a strict low carb but I'm eating large amounts of non-starchy vegetables and fruits. We'll see.

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