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Friday, April 5, 2002

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Yoga again

I went to yoga this evening. I am so proud of myself. It's been a few months but I'm always so tired when I get off work. Well, not exactly tired, just that I want to go home and just stare at the televsion and not have to think about anything. More of a mental tiredness. I'm a little sore from the stretching but it's a good sore. There were just a few people in the class and the teacher was nicely low key, which fits on a friday.

Why, when I know I enjoy doing it, even if it hurts and I'm sweating like a pig, do I always put off going to yoga? Why do I put off doing things I know I will enjoy and/or feel good about doing? We humans are so stupid. Animals do the right thing but they don't know why and they do the wrong thing because they don't know the rules have changed. We do stupid things even though we know they are stupid. Uh huh!

I rode home just after 7:00 and it was just starting to get dark. The street lights were coming on but I could see most of the way because it was cloudy which reflected more light. I ride the back streets from 4th Avenue and I love riding through the dark. My little bike light is more to let people know I'm there than to light the street up much but I know the way well enough to not worry as long as I ride a little slower. I glide through the night. So cool!

The yoga class is just off 4th Avenue and when we got out the place was filling up with people coming to eat and party. It's busier at night than during the day. I love a place that people walking the sidewalks at night. It's so much more interesting than where people just park and go inside.

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