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Thursday, April 4, 2002

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Working the transit center

After work I went downtown to the Ronstadt Transit Center where TABRU has had a table all day getting signatures on petitions for the good propositions we would like to have on the November election. We also were telling people to vote no in May and yes in November. There was very good reception and, I understand, it's been like that all day. Just in the short time I was there we had a couple drivers sign the petitions. They know that the city's transportation plan sucks.

I rode my bike home at 7:00 and it was beautiful. Above me were pink cotton candy clouds and to the west were red clouds with gray accents, all floating in a pale blue sky. As I rode the clouds became more gray than red but whispy clouds over the Tucson mountains took over the red color. It was wonderful to look at as I rode.

I have been feeling so much better lately. I'm almost afraid to say it because I have before then went right down hill. I'm even sleeping better and I'm off everything but 300 mcgs of melatonin, one antihistamine and one ibuprofen each night and I'm not sure I need them but I'm kind of afraid to stop since I am sleeping.

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