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Monday, April 1, 2002

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April Fools Day

I felt a loss when I heard about the Queen Mother's death. I realized it was because she always made me think of my grandmother Dawson. My grandmother also was very british even though she was from Scotland (well, so was the Queen Mother come to think of it) and always wore the same hats with the little veil. My grandmother was a sweetie, too, and I realized that all of her generation were pretty much gone now.

They were a pretty good group. My grandmother sailed around South Africa on her way to Australia to marry my grandfather, who had gone ahead to get a job. A bomb went off on the ship near South Africa, it was thought to be German sabotage as this was at the beginning of WWI. After the fire was out and repairs were done, my grandmother continued on the Australia on the same ship. What was she going to do? Catch a plane?

My other grandmother came through Ellis Island a few years earlier and was "bought" by a NYC lady to do housework in exchange for the lady paying her fare. I whine about the bus being late. They lived through WWI, the depression and WWII. Good group! I wish I'd known them better.

April Fools Day just isn't what it used to be. People used to get elaborate about ways to trick people and now all you get is a few email jokes. I have never cared much for a lot of practical jokes. I don't like cruel jokes and that's what so many are, but I have also seen some absolutely delightful April Fools Jokes that showed true creativity, planning and work. You just don't see them any more.

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