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Saturday, March 30, 2002

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To the end of Rillito

It was such a beautiful day today. I rode my bike west on the rillito to the interstate. I seemed to be full of energy and even the ride back was easy. The only problem was that this morning I got up feeling great then turned my head and my neck and shoulders spasmed and they've been hurting all day. It helps if I keep moving but when I rest for a while they really stiffen up. Even with that the bike riding was great.

I had to really swerve around people till I got past the Children's Memorial Park where there were fewer and when the paved path went from the north to the south side they dropped to virtually nothing. I seriously considered pushing my bike through the sand in the underpass under the railroad and interstate to see how far I could go but I was afraid the pushing, which was hard, would make my shoulders and neck hurt more.

I rode back and past going over the bridge east of St Philips Plaza but it becomes dirt after that I decided that was a good ride for today. I wandered back to the grocery store and bought too much at once. I tend to get carried away and it's rough getting it home on my back. I'm good at packing it in my baskets and strapping it on with bungy cords but the weight makes my bike top heavy and I have to be careful while riding. It didn't help that I couldn't turn my head far enough to check traffic behind me so I had to stop and look when I needed to make a turn.

While at the store I got a call about a party tonight that I had forgotten about so I had to rush to get home and get ready since I am getting picked up at 4:00. This will be interesting since it's somewhere north of Benson which sound like well over an hours drive.

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