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Tuesday, March 26, 2002

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I'm watching Camelot again. I usually only watch the first part, where Arthur and Guinivere meet, and then the end when Arthur tells the boy to remember Camelot. They put a lump in my throat. I spend much of the rest muttering about why they are acting like such idiots, except for Mordred who should have been strangled at birth, but then there would be no story. The music is beautiful but the story doesn't even come close to matching "The Sword in the Stone" that it was taken from. But the music is beautiful. Oh gross, I just had a mind flash of what it would be like if they made a musical of "The Lord of the Rings". The idea is just apalling.

I started out the settle a problem, another problem, thanks to the duplicious Cathy. She has charged some supplies to TABRU's account at a local computer supply store. I walked over and caught bus #19 down Stone but got off a stop too early, not being totally sure where the stops were. I happened onto a wash just north of Elm. It ran east and west but just a bit west of Stone it curved south. I walked down Elm and saw it come across the street as a dip. Then it turned south again. I decided to go on to the store before I continued.

The computer supply store told me that Cathy told them that we had gone out of business. What a liar! They wouldn't give us back the credit she had used but said they would not let her charge anything else to us. They were nice but said our internal squabbles weren't something they would get involved in. I closed the account, so we're only out the $10.00 credit we had.

I went west on Adams to 10th and looking north saw that the intersection of 10th and Lee was cut by the wash. A guy asked if I was from the landlord as I was taking pictures. I said no and he looked disappointed. This is a rather depressed area and has some very substandard housing so I, yes I admit it, was a little spooked walking through here. Dogs barked at me here too and one was loose and not behind a fence but he stayed on the other side of the wash. A little further off and the wash disappeared under Oracle and I couldn't find a quick way to get around the hotels and such to the area behind so I walked on down Oracle and Drachman then south in the area behind Pima Community College.

I came out on Speedway and was going to walk east and check my mail but then saw the bus stop and realized that the #5 bus came along here and went out to PCC West and Greasewood Park. This is one of the places I kept thinking would be a nice place to walk but just never made it out there. The bus wasn't due for twenty minutes so I walked west and under the strange overpass at the railroad. The main road goes under the railroad and then the interstate but on both side of the railroad narrow access roads go level to the railroad and then curve to the access road on the other side so it's two semicircles and the railroad going between. On both sides there is one road going off but nothing else so I've never understood the idea behind it.

The underpass at the interstate is so much nicer than the one at Grant as there are real sidewalks, not just dirt paths full of broken glass. They are doing quite a bit of work here but there are good lights in place so I had no problem getting over. I stopped at a convenience store for the bathroom, since I'd been drinking coffee all this time and I filled my bottle with water, got a second water (it was getting warm) and a bag of chips. I had a lunch in my backpack but it was so healthy. I also missed the bus so I walked on over the Santa Cruz and the riverpark and past ASDB (Arizona School for the Deaf and Blind).

The bus came and I wasn't sure which stop was best so I ended up at PCCWest and walked along their nice little jogging/biking path till I reached Greasewood, where it ended. I walked across the road and wandered through Greasewood Park which is a rather nice place. They've pretty much left it as desert and outside of one parking area, some tables scattered along a paved walking path on one corner, they haven't done much. There were some people there but it was rather low key. No kids as there aren't any playgrounds or grass, only one ramada, a portable toilet and one water fountain, in the same corner. The rest is desert. Anklam Wash runs through it and there are some paths but, like so many desert paths, it's hard to tell which is the real path and which ones are just open areas between the sparse plants. I pretty much just wandered. They have one trail which looks like it used to be a dirt road but is just used by walkers or mountain bikers anymore.

I spent a few hours there and wished I'd gotten there earlier as I was getting pretty warm. It was the middle of the afternoon by then so I left to run a few errands and headed home. I have an appointment for an IVP tomorrow. I'm not sure what that is but I had to take some laxatives at 4:00 this afternoon so I figured I'd better be home by then.

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