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Monday, March 25, 2002

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The zoo, a dog show and washes

I just couldn't move fast this morning so it was late morning before I finally got going. It is so nice to be at home during the week. I had gone up to the shopping center so I took the #15 bus to Reid Park, only I don't take the bus past the university that often so I forgot that every other bus only goes to the university. So I had fifteen minutes to wait for the next bus. At Reid Park I walked into a dog show. Dogs everywhere and all kinds of dog paraphenalia being used to primp the dogs. They were so beautiful.

I just saw one showing since I managed to get there at noon and I suppose even dog owners have to eat. It's always a pleasure to see such nice, well behaved, well trained dogs. Then I went to the zoo, which was my original destination. I was surprised at how many kids were there since spring break is over in Tucson, I think. I'm not really in the loop for anything but the U of A and I forget about that one half the time. The animals were enjoyable but I didn't see any babies, which is what I was hoping for. The polar bear was having such a wonderful time all by himself, and a red ball that he chased around the water.

I walked down to Alvernon while waiting for the next #7 bus. The street striper was busily stripping yellow lines. I got on the bus and could not find my pass. That is so embarrassing. I know when I've seen other people get on and search for a pass I sometimes "Yeah, right. Sure they have a pass...". The driver was nice and took my word but I was pissed since I still have a week on it and now I'll have to pay. For years I have never lost a pass and now twice, once last fall and now today. So frustrating.

At Craycroft wandered northeast looking for a wash I'd seen a while ago. I found a wash at 20th and Brighton with a little footbridge over the wash while cars just had a dip. I followed Van Buren and the wash south to 22nd where it went underground, or came out of the ground. It may run south to north like most washes will in this part of town. I walked east to Del Valle which I followed to just south of 20th where another wash went east and west. It had another footbridge. I haven't noticed the footbridges anywhere else.

I walked east along the wash while getting barked at furiously by dogs. I just hate this part. I enjoy walking down washes and alleys but I hate all the dogs the are just clawing at the fences. That's why I enjoyed the nicely behaved dogs at the dog show. One older guy peeked over his cement wall and nodded. He probably wondered why I was there but it's amazing what you can get by with when you are neatly, if not fashionably dressed, which gray hair.

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