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Sunday, March 24, 2002

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Oh damn! It's oscars again.

I enjoy watching the Sunday morning talk shows but today it's so boring. They all seem to be talking about who is going where to be seen on oscars night. Like I care? Is this the prime reason for living for all these talk hosts? A mention is fine but a blow by blow of who goes where is so boring and this has been going on for over a week. I don't usually even care who wins, though it would be nice if LOTR won since I love the books and thoroughly enjoyed the movie, but it won't make or break my reason for living, or even slightly upset me if it doesn't win.

I finally got my bike tire changed and, as usual, has grease up to my elbows by the time I was done. The back wheel, which this was, is the worst since you have to get it off the derrailler and I always have to think hard when putting it back on to get everything right. I am getting better, though.

I rode up to the grocery store to pick up a few things and ended up on the Rillito since the weather was so nice. I rode to La Cholla and seriously considered going all the way to the interstate but decided I had other things to do. There was a group by the Children's Memorial, which has the names of children killed. Whenever I see something going on there I hope it's just a memorial for a name that's already there and not a new name.

It was the afternoon but not very hot at all so I was surprised that so few people were on the riverpark. Usually it's very busy on nice sundays. There was a stiff wind from the west so riding back was easier than usual. It's usually a real push since you're going uphill heading east.

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