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Sunday, March 17, 2002

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St Patrick's Day

I do not understand what the appeal is about St Patricks Day. I hated it in grade school since I often forgot to wear green and got pinched unmercifully until I found something green to wear. That's what the irish want to be remembered for? An excuse to torment kids? Irish music isn't bad but it's no better than a lot of other music. Of course, there's the excuse to get drunk. Maybe that's it.

I've walked and walked this weekend as I ran errands and thoroughly enjoyed it since it's been perfect walking weather. Yesterday, though, I was walking in the afternoon and fell. It was one of those knowing you're falling and knowing there is nothing you can do about it. I bruised my knee, pulled my ankle a little and my back was a bit sore today, but what bothers me the most is that I have no idea why I fell. I just was and there was nothing I could do to catch myself. Strange feeling.

I received an email that being fit is more important than what you eat or whether you smoke. I then heard a news item that a California legislator wants to tax soft drinks in order to educate people about eating better due to the "epidemic" of obesity and to pay schools to not have soft drink machines on campus. If being fit is the most important factor then it seems that it would be more beneficial if schools required students to walk to school. The legislator needs to make it a crime to drive your child everywhere. Of course, this will never happen so the soft drink tax will make everyone feel good and do absolutely nothing.

I read a couple books this week. First "Light Thickens" by Ngaio Marsh. She comes back to the Dolphin Theatre and Peregrine Jay directing another play, twenty years after the first play he put on, and, again, murder intervenes. This time it's Macbeth and the stories of bad luck that are connected with it seem to be surfacing again. When it turns into murder Chief Inspector Roderick Alleyn looks beyond their characters to see if it's bad luck, madness or revenge. This was the last book she wrote and, like all of them, very good.

I also read "Moving Pictures" by Terry Pratchett. This is set on Discworld and is a total takeoff on the moving picture business that had me laughing hysterically. The alchemists, in their eternal tinkering with chemicals, discover celluloid, helped on by a force that seems to be seeping into the world now that rituals to contain it are have stopped. Victor, a perpetual student (of wizardry), Theda, an ambitious actress, and Gaspode, a suddenly talking dog, get caught up in the infant movie business and then find that they have to save Discworld from the movies. I love a good laugh and Pratchett always give me a good one.

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