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Tuesday, March 5, 2002

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The Faculty/Staff Choir sang the national anthem at the women's baseball game this evening. We had to be there by 5:30 and I made it a bit early, though not the earliest, andwe watched the people coming in. There were quite a few and many looked like this was a regular thing. Of course, the turnout is nothing like football or, especially at the U of A, basketball but it was still nice to see quite a few there.

It was a nice time in the evening and we enjoyed singing out. Besides, as one choir member put it, that's one way to get a standing ovation. The players looked so eager to play. One lady was telling me that the women were more fun to watch since they are so excited. It's sad that the "important" sports soon become a road to make a million and too often the players care more about making money in the majors than in having fun. Not that I don't want the women to have the chance to make money too but it is nice that some people still play because they love to.

Afterwards I caught the bus to the store to pick up a couple things then walked home as it was getting dark. That's such a beautiful time of day. I love the color of dark blue the sky becomes and then you see the first star. How wonderful!

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