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Sunday, March 3, 2002

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Trying to relax

I always have this pull on weekends. One part of me wants to get out and do something. Accomplish something. Another part just wants to put up my feet and not do anything. I did do laundry and washed dishes and a little rearranging but mainly I sat and read and looked out the window. Sometimes I wish all I had to do was read and look out the window and watch television but I know I'd be bored stiff very soon. How about three days of working and four days of relaxing a week.

What would be nice is to just have the choice. It would be nice to know I didn't have to work again, but that's not going to happen.

I read another PD James mystery "Death of an Expert Witness". She is a comforting read when things seem to not be too good which is strange thing to say about a writer who writes about death. Mysteries do have a strange comfort because there is good and there is bad. This one showed the good and bad while still acknowledging that often good people do bad things and both do stupid things out of fear. Dagliesh is called in to investigate the murder of a forensic expert. It's interesting to think of how forensic experts that testify in court would know what evidence would matter when they commit a crime.

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