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Saturday, March 2, 2002

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Bad ride

It was such a beautiful day today. Clear blue from horizon to horizon but cool, in the high 50s. A wonderful day to go for a bike ride and then hike up Sabino Canyon. That was the plan. I took the bus to Tanque Verde and Sabino Canyon then rode up Sabino Canyon Road. About halfway there I ran into construction which slowed things down since there wasn't room on the asphalt for both me and the cars so I rode on the smoothed dirt of the construction. Soon after leaving the construction section my back tire went so flat. I had picked up a huge nail.

I had to walk the bike about half a mile to a Circle K where I got some fix a flat and tried to fix it. I used a whole can and a $1.00 of air and it wouldn't even get firm, much less hold air. Finally I called a taxi to take me back to the bus stop and then back home again. Basically four hours for nothing and the fix a flat and taxi ride were not cheap. I am so upset about that. Not only do I have that plastic strip that is suppose to stop thorns and nails and such but I have puncture proof (?) tubes. So pissed!

Resigned might be a better word. I feel about bikes much as I feel about cars. They are handy and very usefull, but you just can't trust them. As sure as you relax something is going to go wrong with them. Feet are much better. Slower but more trustworthy. Today I never want to ride a bike again but I'm sure that will pass. My bike is locked to the rail outside my apartment and will stay there with a flat tire until I feel more kindly towards bikes.

To relax I read "A Mind to Murder" by PD James. Commander Dagliesh analyzes the motives of a bunch of psychiatrists to solve the murder of the administrative head of the Steen Clinic. A nicely done mystery but the interesting part was that they were using lysergic acid diethylamide to get their patients to open up. This book was published in 1963 and and it took a couple mentions before I realized that the initials were LSD

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