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Wednesday, February 27, 2002

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My kingdom for sleep

Night before last I got two hours sleep. Last night I slept like a baby, all night, after taking melatonin and valerian and camomile tea plus a chaser of antihistamines. But it's so much trouble. Not the antihistamines, I just need them so I can breathe, but it's hard remembering to take the melatonin and valerian and make the camomile tea an hour before I go to bed. I suppose it's better than sleeping pills but it's such a pain. I'm not sure if or what works or if it's just that I'm exhausted. Another thing I'm not sure about is if it will keep working and which of the things will keep or not working.

Busy, busy at work and things are at that stage where they will work or they won't work. Sort of an edgy stage.

I am so wanting to get back into hiking. I'm perusing my hiking guide to see what hikes there are. I need to break in my boots again. It's so hard to find boots that are comfortable. I guess I'll start wearing mine to work again and see how comfortable they are. I so enjoy hiking when I get into it, I just need to get started.

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