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Wednesday, February 20, 2002

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Ashes, ashes, where are the ashes?

I'm sure it's upsetting for the families who's loved ones are scattered over the ground at the crematory in Georgia, but everytime it comes on the news I feel like laughing. It's like a really bad movie. I can just see the three stooges trying to figure out what to do with the bodies and what to use for ashes. One thing I don't understand is why no one smelled anything.

Ok, I don't have deep feelings for dead bodies. When they're dead, they're dead. This is why I had no problem with my mother's body being used for research. I miss my mother but her body isn't her. I find all the memorials they are having a bit off putting. These are just their bodies, we need to worry about people who die needlessly or live in pain or fear. Did they hold any memorials for people who are alive? For abused children, battered wives, beaten up gays? Yes, bring criminal charges against the idiot running the crematorium, but put your sympathy in something that will help people who are still alive.

I'm starting to think about little trips I would like to do. I'm looking forward to things again. Life is good. I'd rather have taken a little more time and done it on my own rhythm than by medicating, especially since the the one antidepressant I did take made me feel worse than before. It's when I dropped the antidepressant/sleeping pill and quit eating meat that I started feeling better. Well, the not eating meat is because my cholesterol was (is?) too high. My blood pressure is down, hopefully my cholesterol is coming down too.

I'm watching a show on how the huge modern ships are build and wonder what my grandfather would think. Everything is cut by computer and the cabins are modular. He apprenticed for several years and took more years to work up to be a master shipwright starting in the early 20th century in Scotland, through Australia and ending up in California, San Francisco to begin with and retiring in Long Beach. Of course, now ordinary people can go on cruises that are very luxurious if not as elegant as they used to be. I remember the craftsmanship when I cruised the Queen Mary in Long Beach and wish we had some of the idiosyncrasies and eccentricities that hand craftsmanship gave us. The Princess line is like a Holiday Inn, you always know what it'll be like. Nice, but no surprises.

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