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Tuesday, February 19, 2002

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Cafe Quebec

I walked downtown to the Tabru meeting after work. It was so nice. The days seem to get shorter forever but get light fast and it was nice to walk in daylight after work. We met at Cafe Quebec which is better than the armory. The armory is a little depressing and you can't get something to eat. I've always preferred meetings that take place where there's food.

After the meeting I was the only one walking over to the transit center and it was dark by then. The streets were well lit and I didn't really feel afraid. I felt cautious, especially at the transit center where some young guys were strutting around but they were just trying to impress a couple girls. I only had fifteen minutes till all the buses started rolling in. I enjoy that. You have a transit center with some people standing around waiting for buses and it seems pretty dead and deserted, then the buses start coming and people are running from one bus to another and everyone's bustling, then the buses leave and it's more deserted than before.

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