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Sunday, February 17, 2002

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I walked again today. It's so wonderful to feel like going on a long walk again. It was such a struggle for the last year. I'm still having trouble sleeping but at least I'm getting back more of an interest in life.

I started walking east on the Rillito but did a little side trip to the farmer's market which had so much good stuff. I only got a little bag of peanuts. One of my weaknesses. Not only did they have the usual raw or roasted, salted or not, but they also had a super roast. They said this happened when they left the peanuts in the roaster too long once but some people liked them like that. I tried one and it was kinda good but I also like burnt toast sometimes.

I took pictures of the names and the colorful ceramics at each of the bridges on the north side. They are so nicely done. There weren't as many people east of Campbell but the traffic is building up. Before the bridges went up it was nearly deserted.

At Alvernon I had the timing right and ten minutes later the bus comes. It's so nice when that happens. I took the bus south to 22nd and walked over to the Zoo. No babies that I could see but there were lots of people. The giraffe house was open, well part of it. It's amazing how high the roofs are since I know the giraffes aren't anywhere that high but maybe they feel better with some space above them. There was only one polar bear but he was delighting everyone. I also need to renew my membership.

I had to move fast to walk up to 3rd Street. I went through El Con Mall which is a war zone right now. The back isn't too bad but the front is terrible. They have made walking through the back parking lot really dangerous. There's only one exit and it's way over on the end. I think this is because the neighbors didn't want traffic through their neighborhood so they closed off the other two exits on the north side. Come on, the mall's been there for at least fifteen years so why do the neighbors get all upset now? Walking to 5th Street sucks.

I went to the Amnesty meeting today. I've been meaning to for a couple years but just never could get up the nerve. It's bad enough getting the emails but to go to meetings and hear about more and in depth. I just want to believe that it's not happening. The same people that were there when I went before for a few months. I guess I'm not the only one who doesn't want to deal with evil. Hey, Bush, Amnesty knows about the true evil empire.

I was tired when I got home but then I spent the evening cooking which does not make sense.

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