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Sunday, February 10, 2002

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Before I went to bed I started to sneeze constantly and my nose was running like a faucet. I took some nyquil to sleep but didn't know why. I assumed something tripped my allergies. I woke up early in the morning to hear the wind blowing a gale and it's been doing it all day. I guess what ever was coming in brought the dust ahead of it and dust messes my head up in a major way. Even though it was not technically cold today I had a good coat to stay warm while waiting at bus stops. Out of the wind I got warm.

I felt ok today though except a bit of sneezing once in a while. I did a bit of running around and the air seemed clear but this much wind with as little rain as we've had puts something into the air. One place I went was the downtown library to pick up a book that I didn't want to wait to have shipped to the library next door. While there I picked up a few mysteries also. The main library always seems to have a much better selection of mysteries than the Woods library though Woods has just as many. It's a perception thing.

There are always homeless people hanging around outside the main library and I noticed that the computers had a scruffy bunch of guys on them. At the Woods library they seem to to be younger people and women. Hey, maybe they can keep in touch with email even if they don't have a phone number. This opens up a whole new world to them. I wonder if there are homeless forums with all the members accessing them from public libraries around the country.

It was a talkative bunch on the buses today. On one a guy was telling the driver that he brought home his baby son today. He said he had a daughter but she was fifteen and he would be sixty five when his son graduated from high school and wondered if that was too old.

On another bus a lady was talking to a young women who live with her son. She had two young boys but they weren't the lady's grandchildren. The young lady said that paternity tests had shown that her son was the father of a baby by another woman and the older woman said it was his fourth child and he didn't support any of them. Another woman entered the conversation to urge the woman to talk to her son about family values but the first woman said she didn't talk to him. He was 27 and she had already given up on him. How sad!.

A young family, a father, mother and small son (4 or 5 years old) were on another bus and you could just tell by the way the father kept an eye on the child that he loved him very much. It's nice to see fathers caring about their sons like that. I see lots of mothers caring for children, often very tired mothers, but often, even if he's with them, the father doesn't do much but yell at the kids.

I read a book today "Murder at the Museum of Natural History" by Michael Jahn. Donovan, a museum loving cop, ends up at the opening of an exhibit on the Silk Road. The archaeologist ends up stabbed by a dagger that was once owned by Kublai Khan. The police are almost too uniquely New York and multi-cultural and the characters cover everything from a too rich widow to a muslim fundamentalist to soviet beaurcrats, but it's a good story with interesting characters and a look at why the rich really do anything. It was interesting to see how even though the book was set back in the Clinton years it fit in well with what's going on now. The muslim fundamentalists from a former soviet satellite want to get rid of old artifacts so the tourists won't come in with their vices only the ones in the book sell the artifacts instead of destroying them like the taliban did.

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