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Thursday, February 7, 2002

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Kicking the pills

It's always enjoyable to go to choir practice but some days, like today, I just smile through it because it is just such a joy to sing. It was a beautiful day so the walk over there was nice also. It just puts a nice feel to the days when I go choir practice at noon.

I've read way too few mysteries this year. I'm watching Mysteries on PBS and enjoying it so much even though it's a PD James mystery that I've already read. The best mysteries can be enjoyed more than once.

I'm feeling so much better since I quit taking the latest sleeping pills. I'm trying to use valerian, which is suppose to help sleep, and camomile tea to relax me before sleep. I use valerian pills and they smell like something rotten. The unprocessed herb must be really bad. Yuck! I'm also taking an antihistamine before sleeping which probably helps and I'm doing ok, not great, but it's still better than how I felt on the pills. They just dried me out and left me slightly numbed when I woke up.

I now know that one reason I had trouble sleeping was taking sudafed to keep my head open at night. No one told me that it makes you hyper, I just thought it didn't make you sleepy. When I had trouble sleeping taking the sudafed was probably making things worse.

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