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Tuesday, February 5, 2002

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Transit Money

It was a beautiful bike ride to work this morning. A little chilly at first but it's been a while since I rode my bike to work and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

I went to a TABRU meeting this evening where a rep from the Tucson Department of Transportation gave a presentation on why we should vote for the sales tax proposition in May. The problem is that the money allocated for transit is way below what is needed. They are spending enormous amounts on roads, including four grade separated intersections that will only speed up the road traffic and make it more dangerous for bicyclists and pedestrians while doing little to help bus service.

Right now most of us have agreed to work against it in the hopes that we can get a proposition on a future ballot that is more favorable towards transit. There is a bit of a split in the group and things are starting to get testy. Some people like to give their opinion as the consensus of the group, which is not true.

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