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Sunday, February 3, 2002

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Superbowl Sunday

My sole interest in Superbowl Sunday is, if I'm not going to a superbowl party, is avoiding it. If I'm going to a party I concentrate on the food and if someone cheers, I cheer too. I have no discrimination, but the parties are nice.

I spent my afternoon going through my bookmarks and deleting the ones I don't need, don't want, never look at, don't work any more and have no clue why I bookmarked them to begin with. So many websites I planned to go back to and never, ever will. It's hard to come to terms with the fact that I will never really get into all the websites that I would find very interesting.

Besides that I watched a show on the history channel about junk food, parts of old movies and listened to cds. Why is there always so much junk on television opposite things like the superbowl? There are those of us who have no interest in watching football. I tried to read but it's hard to read and work through bookmarks at the same time.

It was a truly lazy day with no real redeeming value.

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