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Wednesday, January 23, 2002

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I finally gathered up my pictures from my trip to New York City last spring and decided I'd better finish scanning them, but I couldn't find the cord for my scanner. I looked for it for nearly an hour before I remembered that I had been using it for my printer. It's been a long time since I scanned.

We had rain today and it was cold. We only got up to the mid 50s and then it dropped. That's cold for Tucson and I had to run errands after work so I was snuggled up before I got home. It's nice to have cold once in a while and at least I was dressed warm enough this time so it was nice.

I have no ambition right now to run out and do stuff. I just want to stay home and get my travel pages up to date and, on weekends, walk a few washes. I actually feel relaxed.

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