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Tuesday, January 22, 2002

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Four day week

It's been a long faux monday. After a three day weekend it's always a long day/week as we try to squeeze everything into four days. Plus we're getting ready to do changes to the vendor file and everything needs to be done too soon.

I've spent the month just vegging out and taking it easy. I'm trying to eat better and am sleeping better but the sleeping pills still dry my mouth out so badly that it hurts sometimes when I wake up at night. Oh, I hate that. I remember my mother lying there with her mouth open and I tried to give her some water but she wouldn't swallow.

I only read one book in the last couple weeks, "Trouble in Transylvania" by Barbara Wilson. This is set in Budapest and Romania where Cassandra Reilly, a rolling stone, tries to find out why and who murdered a doctor at a spa. Cassandra is an interesting detective who appeals to me as I like to keep moving also, though not as much as she does. It's a good book but a bit strange to have a female looking for women to jump. Though she does have just as bad luck with women as other women have with men. Since I don't even have a guy to sleep with I should be critical?

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