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Thursday, January 3, 2002

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Back to work

I've been back at work two days and it feels like a full week. I have so much to do and I can't seem to get moving. Actually I'm getting a lot done I just feel very pressured and we only have a week to get the tape up to the state.

We also have an opening for supervisor. I wouldn't mind applying for it but I don't really want to be a supervisor and it doesn't really pay much more than I'm making now.

Last night on the way home I listened to a non-driving driver talking to the driver (I think he may have been doing training) and he was explaining how to get the bus through a narrow underpass going into downtown. He told her to point her gas pedal foot so it's lined up with the dark grease line on the road. Said it works everytime. I never liked driving through it in a car.

I love listening to people talk shop. I enjoy listening to drivers who are deadheading talking to the greyhound drivers. I enjoy listening to anyone talking shop. Even when I don't understand it all it's like a little insight into what someone else thinks is important.

I finished reading "The Cornbread Killer" by Lou Jane Temple. Heaven Lee is trying to keep a jazz festival together after the organizer is murdered. Between finding out that the late organizer was asking for kickbacks from vendors and a restaurant owner who is trying to drive away all the food vendors she finds her hands full while trying to get in some jazz listening. It's a good book with interesting history about african american society.

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