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Tuesday, January 1, 2002

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New Year's Day

Even though I didn't do anything but read and watch tv last night, it was 1:00 pm before I left my apartment today for a long walk along the Rillito. By then most of the "got to get my run in" people had been and gone and it was mainly people taking it easy and families. It looked like a few of the kids had new bikes and were learning to use them.

It was beautiful outside, in the upper 60s and clear as a far as you could see. We had some leaves on the ground so it was like and indian summer day would be in the north. I could feel the pull in my legs since I haven't walked as much as I should for several weeks now. The parking lot for the mall was full but why would anyone want to shop so soon after christmas and on such a beautiful day?

I haven't even made any resolutions except to relax more this year and do more things that I enjoy even if they aren't things that I "should" do. I took down the decorations that I had put on my window sill, the only christmas decorations I had put up, and I'm ready for 2002, but it's going to be hard to go back to work tomorrow.

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