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Monday, December 10, 2001

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Monday and books

I think I slept about three hours last night but I'm still feeling pretty good this evening. This is so frustrating.

One thing I did do last week is read. First "The Anubis Slaying" by P C Doherty. This is set in ancient egypt in the time of Hatsup the female pharoah. Ancient Egypt is such a rich time to set a mystery in. The main character, Amerotke, the pharoah's judge is caught up in mysterious murders while Egypt's greatest enemy is waiting to surrender to Hatsup. It was very interesting and a good story.

Another book was "Earth Has No Shadow" by Michelle Blake. Lily Connor, the priest without a parish get's involved with the disappearance of a friend of her's. She get's caught up in events that go back to the death camps of nazi Germany and a pro-nazi right wing catholic group. It has some interesting ideas expressed in the mileu of liberal, politically correct religion. It's actually a good book.

"Endpiece" by Jon Cleary is a police procedural set in Australia. The patriarch of a newspaper dynasty is killed while his loving or not so loving family are around. Inspector Scobie Malone finds that there were several family members who wanted to sell the paper for quick cash. It's a well done story and a look at Australia.

Finally, "The Ferryman will be There" by Rosemary Aubert. This is the third in her series of books featuring former judge Ellis Portal who went from a distinguished judge to living homeless in a ravine in Toronto. He's not homeless in this book but he's far from knowing where he belongs as he helps a friend, who is a policeman, find out what's going on with several homeless girls who are disappearing. This was well done, as was the first. I need to get the second one. and read it.

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