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Tuesday, November 20, 2001

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On to Seattle

I was up at 6:00 this morning to go to Everett. I was pissed as a small bottle of body oil and a baggie with my earrings are missing. I looked everywhere. The earrings aren't worth much, under $15.00 each, but it's still irritating that someone would take them. I know they were here yesterday morning as I got out the earrings I wore yesterday and used the oil. They weren't something I would lock up as I didn't figure anyone would consider taking them them. Oh well.

I got ready in time to stop by McDonalds and even caught the earlier bus so I'm sitting in the bus station with plenty of time to spare. It's good that I used the bathroom at the transit center as this one is up a long flight of stairs and it would be a real pain to lug my stuff up and down. Seattle is also like this and when you have a long layover it can be a real irritant, especially early in the morning when I drinking coffee.

It's already drizzling off and on so I figure this will be a damp day also. I got a little wet walking but not bad and the fresh air felt good. The station manager had to quit selling tickets for my schedule as it was coming in pretty full. Bus #6161. A little old lady was sitting next to me who had to transfer at Portland to an eastbound bus. She was all upset that the bus said Seattle on the front and I could not convince her that it would stop in Portland and let her off. She kept saying she would sue if they took her to Seattle.

At Portland I noticed that security was checking all the carry on luggage for a bus that was loading. We were not checked, though the driver later said they did usually check our bus, and soon we were off. It was a rainy drive up to Seattle. I brought magazines but just wanted to sit and watch it rain. I had a nice lady sitting by me who was on her way to Bremerton and we talked off and on but basically I just sat and watched the rain. It was very relaxing.

The Seattle bus station is apalling. It is much too small for the number of schedules and passengers that come through and no one seems to be in charge. Several of us from the Portland bus finally figured out what door to stand in front of and then , . . They decided to do a security check. The guy who runs around trying to get everyone on the right bus was explaining to the security guard what to do. With the first few of us he checked our luggage and carryons and ran the little wand around us. It went downhill from there. There were just too many of us to check in a reasonable amount of time needed by people who are not used to doing this. It's not like an airport terminal where there is plenty of room to get people checked a ahead of time.

We left late in a bus with Birmingham on the front since it was an older bus and didn't have Bellingham on the roll. The driver missed the bypass, which cost us time, and then we crawled only to find out that a little red car had tried to drive underneath a semi. Not good! Thanks to cell phones my son was able to call and went off to do some shopping for an hour. Finally I was there and so glad to see my son and daughter-in-law.

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