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Saturday, November 17, 2001

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Going to Seattle

I had a bit of a scare as my pet sitter called, as I was getting off the city bus by the greyhound station, that she couldn't find my apartment key that I had left at her work earlier this week as she had been on vacation this week. As I was already walking to Grey hound this could be a problem. Luckily she called back in a few minutes saying she had found it. We were on bus #6445 which is two hours late. I had gotten to the station a little early and since this bus was very late I caught an earlier schedule.

At Phoenix the new driver took twenty minutes to adjust his mirror as we stood tapping our feet, waiting to get on. While boarding he kept getting upset with people and asking a them if they have a problem and saying that he didn't want anyone on his bus who has a problem. Then he walked down the bus asking if we hading any mental problems. Like someone who did would say so? Then as we took off he went on for ten minutes about how we better behave and he wasn't taking any chances and if we didn't like it we could take it up with the FBI and the CIA. This guy is not just cautious, but spooky and certainly didn't have the passengers on his side.

At Blythe there were quite a few people waiting and the waiting room is some picnic tables, so he waved me into the front seat, which was cool. I got to watch a great sunset as we drove west. He was so slow and so cautious that we arrived in LA later than if I had gotten the regular section and the line to Sacramento was already back to the wall even though there was an hour to go.

I ended up in an inside seat, which I don't like to be stuck in but with a nice older gentleman so I got out my pillow and settled down for the night. This was bus#2377 out of Los Angeles and the driver was a lady who was pretty cool. She took shit from no one but made us laugh so we weren't a grumpy bunch of people.

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