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Tuesday, November 6, 2001

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I rode home in pouring rain last night but today was beautiful. Both sunrise and sunset had enough clouds to be wonderful but the rain didn't come and the weather was warm and soft. I had a good walk to work but had to hurry home to vote.

And I just couldn't help it. I voted republican and libertarian and democrat. There was one race with all three so I picked the libertarian because I loved his campaign flyer. My favorite is #4 "Hoffman doesn't expect to use taxpayer money to fund HIS choice in art - black velvet paintings of Elvis". It's a shame that the libertarian party on both the national and state levels seems to disintegrate on a regular basis. The next one was a republican and democrat and I wasn't too crazy about the democrat. The third race only had a democrat running so that was easy.

I feel guilty because I do like the idea of protecting the environment and having national parks and wilderness areas and everyone being nice to everyone. I just don't quite trust the government to give us that and "they" do tend to expect everyone to want what they want and be "nice" in the way that they want everyone to be nice. Besides the issue of civil liberties, there is the fact that a world in which everyone is "nice" would either be incredibly dull or incredibly repressive.

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